We are a family owned and operated Licensed New York State Office of Cannabis Management Adult-Use Conditional Cultivator (OCM-AUCC-22-000011) and Adult-Use Conditional Processor (OCM-AUCP-22-000006)extraction & manufacturing

Hella Jelly Full Spec Nug Run Concentrate

What is a nug run?

Extracts are commonly made using lower quality cannabis such as trim or shake, rather than buds or nugs, which are usually sold as flower to dispensaries. A nug run is a batch of cannabis concentrate made exclusively from nugs or buds, with no trim or shake used. As nug runs use higher grade cannabis, they tend to be more more potents and flavorful.

We offer the highest THC cannabis products both flower and extracted concentrates intended to enhance and uplift. We will always offer the safest and most potent cannabis products available in New York with a focus on quality.

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