What is a Full Spectrum Nug Run Cured Resin?

Extracts are commonly made using lower quality cannabis such as trim or shake, rather than buds or nugs, which are usually sold as flower to dispensaries. A nug run is a batch of cannabis concentrate made exclusively from nugs or buds, with no trim or shake used. Because nug runs utilize higher grade cannabis, they are more potent and flavorful. Our nug run cured resin concentrates and oils start with A-Grade cured trimmed flower that is ground and extracted with cryo-ethanol. The end result is a full spectrum cured resin that is comparable to live resin and rosin products in both potency and terpene content. We utilize 200 proof Ethanol as our solvent for extraction because it is clean and plant based unlike BHO and PHO products that may contain residual harmful hydrocarbons.

Not only are our oils super potent and wonderfully terpy but they contain ZERO Residual Solvents, ZERO Heavy Metals & ZERO Pesticides. This is attributed to the extraction techniques we utilize, the quality of the land we farm and inputs we use. Very few concentrates on the market can make these claims! We care about the health and well-being of our customers and believe that only the finest cannabis should be consumed. We provide our customers with a clean, analytically tested and safe product which in turn encourages a mindset of purity that will further elevate the enjoyer’s high. We encourage our customers and all cannabis consumers to closely review the Certificates of Analysis of any cannabis products prior to being purchased, paying particular attention to Residual Solvents, Heavy Metals and Pesticides for their own health.